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Nicolas MarsAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Yohann MESLINAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Benjamin FROMAGERAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Florian POUDENSResponsable régionalContact
Aurélie ROGETAnimatrice technico-commercialeContact
Tristan BRADJAAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Charlotte BRICOUTAnimatrice technico-commercialeContact
Alice GOMETAnimatrice technico-commercialeContact
Gaëtan GICQUELAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Pierre-Yves BIOTEAUAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Matthieu DUGASTAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Sarah PELLETIERAnimatrice technico-commercialeContact
Anthony BERGEONAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Geneviève PETATResponsable régionaleContact
Laurent HARDYResponsable régionalContact
Romain ALBAAnimateur technico-commercialContact
Fabrice BESNARDResponsable régionalContact
Jean-Marc PRUD’HOMMEResponsable régionalContact
Jonathan DAVIDResponsable régionalContact
Arnaud BOYERResponsable régionalContact
Jean-Philippe DESMARETDirecteur Régional NordContact
Jérôme BELINEDirecteur Commercial FranceContact
Abdallah AL-GAWASMI Technical & Development ManagerContact
Malek ABO ALJODManaging DirectorContact
Catalin DUMITRUTechnical & Development ManagerContact
Liviu VLADTechnical & Development ManagerContact
Duan CUNSHENGTechnical & Development ManagerContact
Li KAITechnical & Development ManagerContact
Shoufang ZHANGRegional sales and Development ManagerContact
Philippe GIRAULTExport Business DirectorContact
Salaheddine BOUZIDISales ManagerContact
Aymen HADDADResponsable CommercialContact
Oleksandr POLYOVYYBusiness ManagerContact
Oleg SVIRIDOVBusiness ManagerContact
Hossein KISHANIDevelopment ManagerContact
Hartmut VOSTEENBusiness ManagerContact
Nicolae RADUCANUBusiness ManagerContact
Hong HOANGBusiness ManagerContact
Gurashish SINGHBusiness ManagerContact
Ganesh RAOBusiness and Technical ManagerContact
Valentin BERGEONArea Export Business ManagerContact
Liu YantaoBusiness Support and Development ManagerContact


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