Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Like most websites, uses cookies to ensure the smooth running of the site and to offer you the best user experience.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files inserted on your computer, smartphone or tablet. When read by a browser, these cookies offer the user improved navigation (more personalised: the language chosen is remembered, for example) and/or statistical information for the website or mobile application publisher regarding the pages most visited and the features of their sites. There are several forms of cookies with different functionalities but they are all intended to manage and improve browsing on websites or mobile applications.

Cookies used on the Site

If you do not want cookies enabled, you can set your browser to block all or some of the cookies mentioned above.

The different types of cookies

Cookies relating to the site’s features: These are used by the Publisher, being cookies that ensure the main features of the site. They are session cookies that supervise only the navigation on the website (or the application) used.

You have the option not to accept these cookies. However, while you will still have access to our site, we will not be able to guarantee you optimal browsing if you deactivate them.

Audience measurement tools (analytic cookies): these tools allow the Publisher to obtain statistical information about consultations of the site. It can thus improve its services because by means of anonymous information, it knows the pages that are most consulted and the contents most appreciated.

Accepting or refusing cookies

Cookies will only be collected if you give your consent, that is, if you continue browsing the Site. In addition, even after giving your consent, you can change your mind at any time and follow the procedures listed below to withdraw your acceptance.

The setting of your browser to disable cookies:

For Internet Explorer®: open the Tools menu, and select Internet Options; click on the Privacy tab and choose the level desired,
For Firefox®: open the Tools menu, and select Options; click on the Privacy tab then choose the options desired,
For Chrome®: open the settings menu (spanner logo) and select Settings; click Advanced Settings and then Content Settings, and then choose the options you want,
For Safari®: choose Safari > Preferences and then click Security; click on Show cookies then choose the options desired,
For Opera®: open the Tools menu and select Preferences; click on the Advanced tab, then the section


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