The choice of sustainable development

We have made sustainable development the foundation of our operations, our organisation and our strategy.
For us, sustainable development is development that meets needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Controlling the environmental impact of our activity

Because Agronutrition's trade is carried out at the intersection of two politically sensitive professions, agriculture and chemistry, we are particularly interested in controlling the impact of our activity has on the environment.
We chose to base ourselves at the Activestre Agro-Environmental area in Carbonne. On this site, we have taken up the technological challenge of a "zero industrial waste" policy.

The people at the heart of our values

We believe that our employees are the greatest asset of the company. They are the ones who guarantee the products and services used by our customers.
Placed in a favourable working environment, they improve the quality of our final product, devise new ways of working and contribute to the improvement of the company's economic performance.

True partnerships with our customers and suppliers

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns. That is why we define true partnerships with our customers to ensure our mutual growth.


  • We provide you high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of your productions.

  • Together we establish a viable and cost effective distribution by product homologation in your country.

  • We adapt the packaging, formulations and supports to your distribution methods


We have developed our relationships with our suppliers to ensure products and services of consistently high quality for mutual benefit.


Innovation and quality insurance



Agronutrition has been committed to quality policy since 1998 through the ISO 9001 certification for over 15 years. ISO 9001 certification is a voluntary commitment and the guarantee of a successful future.

Agronutrition selects raw material that enable to have safe products without heavy metals, pathogenes or any micro-pollutions.


Customer focus:

  • Product content guaranted by analysis of the raw materials and finished products

  • Long-term product stability control

  • Volumes checked before and after packaging

  • Product traceability




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