Personalised Nutrition Programs

Since 1969, Agronutrition and its experts had adquired various skills and agronomic references in France and abroad (role of nutrients and micro-nutrients, soil/plant interactions, agricultural techniques…).

On the strength of its experience, Agronutrition provides farmer and distributors effective nutrition programs over more than 50 crops, whose objectives are to increase yield and quality of the crops.

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Agronutrition realises Fluorimetrie tests that allow establish a nutritional assessment of the crop at a given time.

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Optocover Metric

Tool for the measurement of foliage coverage

Measure the total green plant cover, regardless of the background (water, mud, soil) with a measurement software using image-processing.
/ Results: Coverage rate in % (in a few seconds)

This tool allows to :
> Monitor the regularity of sowing and seedlings
> Monitor the growth of plant seedlings and growth kinetics
Detect crop stunting (pests, weather conditions, etc …)

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