Conception & Innovation

100% Made in France


This represents a way of thinking innovation, design and production. It is also a commitment to an agriculture that produces better, in sufficient quantities, while respecting the environment.

Expertise in formulation and active nutrition

We have 3 integrated laboratories specialised in Mineral Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Soil Biotechnologies in the South-West of France.

Our research teams' project are focused on the study of plants' natural resources and their environment (biological effectiveness, microorganisms, symbiosis, etc.) in order to transpose them into sustainable agronomic applications.

We collaborate with the top French universities and research institutions (CNRS, INRA,...) to carry out ambitious research programs.



Agronomic development 

We design eco-intensive technologies for you.

Each year our innovations allow to offer new physiological technologies (formulated active nutrients, growth activators), agronomic technologies (soil microorganisms) and industrial technologies (innovative chelation, green adjuvant addition).

Our agronomic team adapts these solutions to crops around the world, targeting their efficiency and their action through Phytotron and micro-plot screening : over 300 experiments are conducted every year.

We create new agro- and eco-environmental approaches.



Specialised production units

We manufacture certified products for you.

The guarantee of our quality is a complete control of our manufacturing processes.
The stringent selection of raw materials (inspection and analysis), our high-tech equipment (grinding tool, technological additives, etc.) and our 3 French industrial sites allow us to offer formulations for all international markets : concentrated suspensions, mineral liquid solutions, concentrated emulsions, micro granules, granules, soluble powders, plant extracts, biostimulants, etc.

Innovation and quality insurance : ISO 9001 certified for over 15 years.



manufacturing and packaging factories in France


international factories in Spain, USA and Argentina



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