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Agronutrition is entirely dedicated to plant nutrition and optimisation of agriculture production. Our teams design, manufacture and market nutritional and bio-stimulanting solutions to provide appropriate and precise nutrition from sowing to harvest for more than 45 years.

  3 factories in France

  3 other factories in Spain / Argentina / US (California)
  3 French research laboratories


Operating Compagnies of the French group DE SANGOSSE

The DE SANGOSSE group develops, manufactures, and markets products aimed at crop protection, rodent control and seeds.

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Founded in 1969 by SCPA*, Agronutrition is now a subsidiary of the French group DE SANGOSSE. With over 45 years of experience, Agronutrition is specialised in plant nutrition and shares its expertise to support you in your daily activities.

*SCPA: Société Commerciale des Potasses d'Alsace


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